Commercial Flour Mill


Vertical Stone Mill Features

Commercial Flour Mill

(Size 12″, 14″, 16″ & 18″)

(Third Pedestal Type means 3 Bearings Heavy Model)

The open-type third pedestal flour mill is an advanced version of the traditional design. The third pedestal provides an extra bearing to the shaft for better balance. This facilitates efficient running and long life of emery stone and the shaft. It is trolley mounted with strong wheels which makes it easier to move and does not require foundation.


1. Apt for grinding all types of grains, pulses and dry spices.

2. Easy to operate, easy to maintain, easy to move.

3. Can be operated on domestic power supply.

4. The flour mill is mechanically well balanced, reducing the noise factor and power consumption.

5. High quality, long -life emery stones are very well balanced.

6. Low speed (rpm) grinding assures, the flour does not get over heated.

7. Safety cover over motor and V-Belt.

8. Fine – Coarse flour adjustment is very easy.