About Us

SHUBH SAGAR INDUSTRIES Company was established in 1983, with an aim of providing better methods of work to the rural sector of the India. We had started to make Flour mill in 1985 with LAXMI BRAND name.

We therefore started making products, which were useful and easy to operate for the uneducated.

Today we have a wide range of products which, serve the modern and rural households as well as the industrial sector.


Our foremost mission is to create and provide top quality products. We are committed to use best quality materials and technical expertise that gives our products excellent quality, efficiency and finishing. LAXMI BRAND products are always above industry standards.


Since 1983, we have been continuously developing new and better products for our customers. Innovation is a part of our growth. Our team constantly makes efforts to improve quality, efficiency, cost and service. Today we provide technologically advanced, highly efficient, and good looking products.


We are committed to our customers for providing best quality products and service to our employees for providing good working conditions, necessary training and development and growth; and to the environment, for making products that cause least harm to the environment.


We shall operate in existing and new businesses, which profitably capitalize on the LAXMI brand and our corporate image of reliability and integrity. Our objective is to delight our customers. We shall achieve this objective through continuous improvement in quality, cost and customer service.